Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Hannah Yousif

Hello! my name is Hannah, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease two years ago and have also been lactose free and nut free for a number of years. I was fed up with settling for second best so have built up a collection of amazing gluten,lactose AND nut free recipes so that you do not have to endure gluten free but enjoy it! This blog is dedicated to my passion for tasty baking and cooking recipes.

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  1. Connected Youth Group - Coventry says:

    We used this recipe and the ‘Gluten Free Chocolate Cream Biscuits’ recipe at our youth group tonight and they went down a treat! We have a young girl who has coeliac disease and finding good gluten free recipes that still taste great can be pretty difficult. These two were perfect though. The recipes were easy to follow and we all agreed the results tasted great. Keep them coming! ­čÖé

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